Brendan Gisby
Publisher: McStorytellers
Pages: 43

La Serenissima, Venice, the most beautiful city in the world, is visited every year by many thousands of tourists; too many, it’s often said. But few tourists ever see beyond the Grand Canal, the Rialto and the sights around Piazza San Marco. Few ever learn about the people who live and work in Venice.Now there’s an opportunity through this small collection of stories to meet some of the city’s residents. Follow Monsignor Giuseppe, the custodian of the sacred remains of the Virgin of Syracuse, as he performs his duties. Hear what the gossipers have to say about the unexplained disappearance of old Tomà, the eccentric dreamer. Sit with Luigi, the shopkeeper and swindler, while he counts his wealth. And roam through the narrow, deserted calli with Eugenio, the lovesick exile.Come and eavesdrop on the innermost thoughts and fears and dreams of these Venetian lives.
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