Luna Challis
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 49

LUNA THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A SUPER CATI am an Australian Cat who has had a lot of experiences in my 4 years. In my Autobiography with 25 color pictures and over 5000 words you can admire the picture of me and my brother when we were kittens, and the other pictures of me and the people and animals in my life. Then you can meet my friends like Michael, the local mob and the kind farmer, hate my enemies like the Big Fat Ugly Dog, the Bad Man and the Satanic Cat and laugh at the strange ideas of the enigmatic Bad Boy. Michael says that if anyone buys my books the money will pay for some nice cat food. In this book I meet my famous father. You can share both my joy and triumphs and grieve with me at the tragic events of my young life.This book was written before I became a detective helping the police catch criminals. I hope young children will enjoy my autobiography.
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