Dyan Poyfair
ASIN: B0080X0RQ6
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 109

Luca and Rumi have just reached an exciting age for shapeshifters. It’s the age where they are expected to shift into other creatures to get a firsthand experience in how they live. One day they could be dwarves mining in the mountains and the next day they could be giants destroying cities, the possibilities are endless. They only have one rule, not to reveal to anyone who they really are. Luca is taking this opportunity more seriously than Rumi, who would rather change into a vase then research one more creature. Luca believes that they should try to experience every creature possible, even if it means she has to trick Rumi into being a fairy, which he is entirely against. Their arguments over which creatures to shift into end as they head out for their first shift where they soon find out that being shapeshifters isn't always fun. It can lead to situations and dangers they ...
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