Mike Bloemer
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 184

Like a lot of 12-year old kids, Ben Boomer finds his family embarrassing. Unlike a lot of kids, Ben’s family consists of professional wrestlers who embarrass him on national television. That’s the premise of "The Adventures of Hairball & 'Hot Flash' Granny". All his life Ben Boomer has idolized his pro-wrestling parents, Hairball and Psycho Momma. And his greatest hero has always been his wrestling granny, ‘Hot Flash’ Granny. But now that he’s getting older, Ben’s family members don’t seem as cool as they used to. In Ben’s defense, it is rather difficult to climb the middle school social ladder when his granny is whacking his dad with a steel chair on national television.Ben’s crazy family soon becomes the least of his worries. Terrence Grand, the most popular kid in school, seems to thrive off of picking on Ben and his socially awkward friends. Ben finally has enough ...
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