Stephanie Hale
ASIN: B0081SO29S
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 276

Read all three books of the Aspen Brooks Trilogy!Revenge of the Homecoming Queen, Book #1Twisted Sisters, Book #2Spring Breakup, Book #3Revenge of the Homecoming Queen, Book One~I, the flawless Aspen Brooks, was born to be Homecoming Queen. I’ve prepped for it like some kids do the SAT. So can someone please tell me why the crown was given to my evil nemesis?As if that wasn’t bad enough, somebody seems out to get me. Locker vandalism, a slashed tire, and horrendous lipstick graffiti are just a few of the ways someone is trying to get under my blemish-free skin. (And I’m not even going to mention how the biggest geek in school kissed me, and I didn’t hate it.) But things start getting serious when girls begin disappearing. I can’t be worrying about tiaras or crushing on a geek when the detective on the case is completely clueless. I have to save the day, all while looking ...
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