Mike Dixon
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 69

Never Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth: It was the eve of a holiday in June 2016 when I casually announced to my wife I had won over £14000. She was surprised at the calm way I related my good news.Perhaps I was in shock at winning that amount for the huge outlay of £1.50 ( 5p each way Lucky 15. Now I will confess that I am a gambling addict- horse racing only I would add- but always back at puny odds ie 5p stakes online . On the odd occasion I use a High Street bookmaker I up the ante to 10p stakes, merely out of embarrassment.I wrote this book with the intention of helping those who would like to find winners at decent prices and, moreover, do not want to spend hours poring over form books. Let's face it, I have been backing horses for over 60 years but will never be as clued up on equine form as those who study it as a profession. I assume that applies to you also. So I wrote the ...
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