Craig Allen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 533

Aura only wishes to live in peace, but there's little hope of that. The gift she possesses makes her life as tumultuous as the everlasting storms that make up the sky. Now, accused of murdering the highest ranking sorcerer in the sorcerers' guild, Aura has no choice but to flee with those that were with her that night: an outcast sorcerer who is a hero to all, a regulator with a violent streak, an exotic elf with mysterious intentions, and a sorcerer who holds the queen's ear.But Aura's problems are just beginning. The leader of a cult that wishes to end the use of sorcery forever has stolen a relic of unimaginable power. Such a relic could do more than eliminate sorcery. It could alter the world forever, even end it.Journeying across the open countryside where no weathering rods exist to keep the storms at bay, where evil creatures haunt tainted lands, Aura and her new comrades ...
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