Tara Michelle Fischer
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 32

Some very magical blueberries have washed up on the American shores. Where did they come from? A long time ago, as all Irish children know, tiny fairies created some magical blueberries. When eaten by tiny animals they are magically able to speak to the tiny people. But you must be tiny to hear them speak. It is said that children can hear them too! So look for the blueberry patches and you just might get to hear their stories. Afraid of the Dark is a story about a little hermit crab named Happy. Happy is afraid of the dark and doesn’t want to sleep in her own bedroom. But her mommy has an idea that might help. Go on an adventure to explore a cave with Happy and her tiny talking friends. Will Happy be able to face her fear of the dark and sleep in her own bed? What will Happy and her friends find in the cave? Written by a teacher, this is a funny illustrated story that will help ...
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