Noah Paine MD
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 245

Doctors fix people. They might get their hands a little bloody in the process, but they get the job done. At least that's what we expect of them. But what happens when a physician breaks or become ill? Can't they just fix themselves? Is it even possible? Once a physician becomes ill or mentally broken, are they done, lepers for life? This Force of Memory chronicles a surgeon's spiral into addiction. It is a memoir of a physician who becomes an addict after experiencing the horrors of medical error and PTSD first hand. For a surgeon it is almost incomprehensible that the current/best addiction treatment programs have a "spiritual" basis. But they do. This Force of Memory explores the medical/spiritual paradox that is the essence of modern addiction treatment. It is the memoir of a surgeon who, to his own surprise, discovers a healing mechanism quite removed from the operating room.
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