Kristen Taber
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 382

Book 1 of the Ærenden SeriesB.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree2014 Best Kindle Book Awards FinalistMurder. Monsters. Magic. To Meaghan, these words belong in newspaper articles and children’s stories, not her carefully planned life. Until the day she and her friend Nick witness her parents’ brutal demise at the hands of red-eyed creatures. They flee into the wilderness where Nick tells her the creatures, known as Mardróch, came from another world to kill her. He gives her a choice—face the Mardróch alone or escape through a portal into a distant kingdom.It isn’t much of a choice. Ærenden is a land more beautiful and sinister than Meaghan could have ever imagined. Vines attack. Monkeys freeze their victims with a glare. Soldiers create bombs from the air. Even Meaghan’s newly discovered empath power turns into a danger she cannot control. But control becomes the least of her ...
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