Ronald Britt
ASIN: B0084V62TK
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Pages: 54

Perpetual war, religious bigotry, racially motivated legislation, poverty and political corruption. Is this what the “American Dream” has become? Has the proverbial piece of the pie become toxic?This is the America of today, yet so many within American society seem to be either oblivious to the issues, apathetic or perhaps don't view any of these things as problems at all. In this book the author presents the problems and turmoil within America in a very blunt and unapologetic tone. Problems such as ignoring America's crumbling infrastructure yet spending billions on seemingly unending war. America's seriously out of control deficit, a broken health care system that causes well over half of all personal bankruptcies and leaves a large segment of society without adequate care because of the ever-rising costs, blatant and rampant religious bigotry, foreign policies that only serve to ...
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