Patrick O'Donnell
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 74

Ready to revolutionize your business and life? It’s time to create the change you desire. Do what you love, earn more, work less and live the life you’ve always imagined.Is it possible to:Create lasting change in just 7 steps?Generate more leads and sales on autopilot than with a team of telemarketers?Give back to the world the way you desire faster than you ever thought possible?Indeed, it is. This is not just a business book. This is not just a spiritual growth book. Yet, it is both of these and so much more. Revolutionize Business & Life is the culmination of a quest to create the ideal life, spanning more than a decade. From inspiring workouts and conversations with God to the latest marketing technology and business case studies, it’s all here. Have you ever gotten to a point in life when you said you must change something in your life… a relationship? Your body? Your ...
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