Gil Shlamovitz
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 243

Do you want to improve your visual diagnostic skills? Are you anxious about clinical photographs and imaging studies you might be asked about on your written, oral, board or in-service examinations?This is the ultimate resource to help you master and fine tune your visual diagnosis skills! Book Information (Skin and Soft Tissue):26 Cases> 120 High quality ImagesRapid review of commonly tested / encountered conditionsConcept:The skills of obtaining a relevant medical history and performing a focused physical examination are the foundation of the daily practice of medicine. Expert clinicians have mastered the art of medicine, as they are able to quickly recognize visual cues and interpret them in the context of the individual patient.Whether you are a seasoned physician specialist, a resident physician, a physician assistant, a nurse, a nurse practitioner, a paramedic or a student of one ...
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