Jean Pardue
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 99

35 Chicken Pasta Recipes: Spaghetti to Chicken Lasagna, Quick & Easy!Don't You Just Love Italian Chicken?Okay! Now that's Italian. I know, if you're like me you can't just jet off to the Mediterranean to get chicken and pasta, so I've put together 35 great recipes to help you prepare mouthwatering meals you're sure to enjoy. I know I do!"I have tried several recipes in this book and love all of them .. " - Paula D.Knowing that you enjoy chicken as much as I do, these poultry recipes give you a choice of cooking a pasta meal any day of the month and they're listed right at your fingertips.Let's move inside the book for a moment so you can have a look-see of what's included . . .- Baked Chicken Spaghetti Betty- Lemon Chicken Pasta- New York Buffalo Chicken Lasagna- 8 Piece Mustard Baked Chicken With Pasta- Hungry Greek Chicken Pasta- And this is just the beginning!Hungry? Let's get ...
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