Jean Pardue
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 92

35 Chicken Breast Recipes - Cookbook for Boneless or Skinless Chicken Meals Made Quick & EasyIn this cookbook you'll learn 35 exciting new ways to prepare healthy chicken breasts."Great book for chicken lovers""This book is a great addition to my repertoire"It's a fact that when you want an idea for something easy to cook with a healthy flavor for you and family, poultry fits the bill - Especially if it's baked or grilled.Quick & EasyNow, with all these good and simple chicken breast recipe dinners in one place you can have your favorite quick and easy, not to mention low fat meal tonight!Healthy NutritionThis boneless chicken breast cookbook was designed especially with chicken lovers in mind who have the desire for a healthy diet and gives 35 mouthwatering recipes to satisfy just about anyone's taste bud - and eating requirements for tender eating.Now, I'm definitely not Rachael Ray ...
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