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An absolutely thrilling children's adventure story that easily surpasses all others. Witty and amusing with a fast paced journey that will leave the reader breathless. It is partly illustrated with authentic drawings by children aged six, nine and ten.From the moment the adventure begins, action upon action upon action makes for an unable to put down book that readers of all ages from Nine to Ninety can enjoy.It takes place in the 1940s when Britain is at war with Germany and The Royal Air Force struggles in the skies with a superior enemy in The Battle of Britain.The three Bollinger children, aged fourteen, twelve and ten, are called, in their spirit form, to battle against evil led by the fearsome, Most Evil One, Lucifer, in the Outer World and The Shadow Stream, where Lucifer resides. They encounter danger at every turn.In The Outer World, Violet, the eldest, becomes Seraphin, Peter ...
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