Martin O'Brien
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 416

Death is just a brush stroke away…In the heat of a Provençal summer, Chief Inspector Daniel Jacquot is called to a luxury hotel on the slopes of the Grand Lubéron. One of the guests, a high-class call girl from Marseilles, is missing. Her bedroom is drenched in blood, but there is no body. Jacquot soon discovers that among the remaining guests there are those who have both the means and the motive to be her killer, people with personal secrets, hidden agendas, and their own dangerous liaisons to protect. When a violent summer storm and raging flash floods isolate the hotel, passions run high when not one, but two bodies are found. (Originally published as Jacquot and the Master)Reviews for the Jacquot series:"Chief Inspector Daniel Jacquot of the Marseilles Police is fast becoming one of my favourite fictional cops." – Henry Sutton, The Daily Mirror"Tall and tough, smart and sexy ...
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