Brendan Gisby
ASIN: B0085SG224
Publisher: McStorytellers
Pages: 53

South Queensferry – the Ferry, it is called by those who live there – sits on the southern shore of the River Forth. The main part of the town nestles between the approaches to the road bridge across the river and that crossing’s much older and more famous neighbour, the Forth Rail Bridge.In this collection of short stories, the author recalls the years he spent working as a barman in the Ferry. They were his “lost” years, the period between leaving school and finding a proper job, a career and a family. But they were also his formative years; a time rich in colour and character and event, a time he’ll never forget.Join him now as he re-lives that time. Journey with him from the glitz and glamour of the Swinging Sixties, through the innocent hedonism of the Summer of Love and onwards into the dark winter of 1970.
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