Bonnie Scott
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 41

Do you love the taste of hot and spicy kabobs? Nothing smells better than the aroma of grilled food. Discover how to grill shish-kabobs deliciously the quick and easy way.  If you've been cooking the same old kabobs at home, then 30 Great Kabob Recipes is a book which will tear up the rules and have you experimenting with some truly authentic ideas like: Ginger Chicken Chicken and Honey Tangy Vegetable Kabobs Asian Beef Shish Kabobs Spicy Steak Hawaiian Pork Barbecue Seafood And more...There is nothing better than a delicious shish-kabob. Say goodbye to plain old chicken and pepper kabobs and hello to a range of delicious recipes, for kabobs that will light up any dinner table or summer barbecue. 30 Great Kabob Recipes is a landmark book with 30 unique recipes that will transform any mealtime into something special. If you like quick and easy recipes, then you'll love this fantastic ...
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