Simon Alexander Collier
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 320

“Milligan and the Samurai Rebels” is a humorous, historical novel set in the Japan of the 1860s. The Shogun has been forced by the threat of Western firepower to re-open Japan to the outside world, while samurai outraged at this decision are scheming to topple the Shogunate and re-establish Imperial rule. In parallel to this struggle, Britain and France are fighting by every means except open warfare to establish themselves as the leading influence on the government of Japan and secure the accompanying trading privileges. Into this maelstrom steps Robert Seamus Milligan, a young British diplomat with a weakness for women and drink, who has joined the diplomatic service only to escape a contretemps back home. Upon his arrival in Japan and entirely against his will he is immediately plunged into the conflicts between Japan and the West, between the Shogunate and Imperial forces, and ...
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