Dmytro Bondarenko
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 199

An Amazon #1 Best Seller in East. European Literature; Top 100 in Medical ThrillersA story about a young Ukrainian man who was very fond of his wife but secretly dreamed of other women. A friend of his advised him to visit a local brothel...Chapter IHis name was Kostya Steshenko and he was having a hard time these days. He wanted a new woman so much that he could hardly control himself. Kostya worked in a big city, and every day he saw around him hundreds, even thousands of the most attractive and beautiful girls in the world. ‘It’s good for people abroad, in Europe. Someone once said that a pretty woman is a rarity there,’ Kostya sighed heavily. ‘How can I resist temptation when in my country of Ukraine, one in two girls is so sexy that the stars of Playboy and Penthouse are ugly in comparison!It is very easy to lose your mind because of the many miniskirts and revealing ...
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