Laurinda Wallace
Publisher: 3-Mice Productions (May 30, 2012)
Pages: 280

Forced to leave her beloved Kenya because of illness, missionary Ruthanne Carroll begins a painful journey to reconnect with her estranged sisters. The façade of perfection, her sister Elizabeth is so desperate to maintain, crumbles when Ruthanne unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep. Melody’s life is floundering, sinking deeper into the abyss of debt, divorce, and hopelessness. Faced with the seriousness of Ruthanne's prognosis, the sisters begin a faltering reconciliation with unexpected results. A journey into the past reveals Ruthanne's long-kept secret which will change each sister forever. Laurinda Wallace’s debut novel is an uplifting tale about family and faith, a sweeping story of three women coming to terms with their shifting roles as daughters, sisters, or mothers. Join her indelible characters on a journey of discovery and reconciliation as the steady, inexorable rhythms of ...
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