David Adams
ASIN: B0088HOY54
Publisher: David Adams
Pages: 9

"Faith isn't faith until it's all you're holding on to."- Toralii ProverbHundreds of years before the Toralii attacked Earth, destroying the cities of Beijing, Tehran and Sydney, before they developed the voidwarp technology and destroyed their homeworld, they warred amongst themselves.The hills of the occupied Kaater Mountains were home to thousands of prisoners.Including Tami.A 1900 word story set in the Lacuna universe suitable to read as a stand-alone story.Parts of the Lacuna universe:LacunaLacuna: The Sands of KarathiLacuna: The Spectre of OblivionLacuna: The Ashes of Humanity (new release!)Lacuna: The Prelude to Eternity (coming soon!)Don't miss these short stories set in the Lacuna universe:MagnetMagnet: Special MissionMagnet: MarauderMagnet: ScarecrowMagnet Omnibus I (new release!)ImperfectFaith
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