Eve Rabi
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 536

"My husband has never held me like that; I'd remember if he did." ........................Reed Kader is an angry and brooding Iraqi doctor who, for personal reasons, hates the U.S with a passion. Megan Saunders is a U.S. soldier fighting for her country in Iraq. When Megan’s convoy is ambushed, she is captured by Iraq militants. Trouble is, she is badly injured and in need of medical care. Dr Reed Kader's help is summoned. At first he refuses – she is the enemy, remember? Yet, he is conflicted – how does he turn his back on someone in need of medical care? Reluctantly, the doctor helps U.S. soldier. Megan survives, is grateful for his help, and as the days go by, they even become friends. As time passes, they fall madly in love with one another. There are a couple of major problems: 1)Megan is already married - to a U.S. police commissioner at that. 2) If Reed helps Megan ...
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4.5 stars from 45 ratings
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