Mike Player
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 342

What is it like to become an overnight viral video star? Sixteen-year-olds become moguls and moguls fetch coffee in the dark comedy suspense thriller VIRAL - The Story of the Milkshake Girl.Teen foster girl Erika Moradi stands up for herself by swatting the milkshake out of the hand of a sexist school bully and becomes famous in a fluke video as "The Milkshake Girl." She unwittingly incites the wrath of her high school and the darker elements of online teen networks. Her home is vandalized and her life is threatened forcing her to run away.Producer Jack Hawkins loses his job at a network soap opera. He sinks into depression and resorts to living in his car. His only hope: he has several high concept series ideas involving some of the hottest viral stars of the moment (a goat that trampolines, a closeted gay Congressman, a Brazilian who fell into a ditch) of which Erika is the ...
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