Scott Luper
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Pages: 102

More children than ever are facing life without one or both parents. Absentee parent questions rank among the top parent and guardian concerns, until now. In Absentee Parent Left Behind Child, parenting expert and author, Scott Luper, MA, gives help and hope to the multitude of caregivers facing the realities of raising the child of an absentee parent. Using experiences from his sons absentee parent questions and the information gathered from single and absentee parent interviews, Mr. Luper lays out the concise, easy to follow plan that helps caregivers answer these difficult and extremely important questions. Mr. Luper also shows, with real world examples and proven strategies, how to, not only answer absentee parent questions but also, use these opportunities to bring parents and children closer. Features: The child's point of view The step by step process Examples and discussions ...
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