Brian T.L. Strauss
ASIN: B0089F043Q
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 511

A science fiction tale mixed with equal doses of reality. The first in an exciting series that follows the adventures of Brian, known to his family and friends as 'BirdOfPrey' or just Bird to those closest to him. Extremely intelligent with a brother who's even more so. Bird finds himself helping his brother, only to end up being the lab rat in his own brother's military experiment gone horribly wrong. Now stuck on an alien world where beauty and danger abound, Bird is just hoping to survive. Rahgaa however, has other plans for him and sends him a 'new brother' to aid him on his new found destiny. While Bird builds a new life for himself, an ancient evil lies in wait hell-bent on his demise. Razor sharp wits matched with equally sharp skills are all that stand between him, a destiny not of his choosing, a brother that's not even human, and an enemy that just needs him dead. Yep... just ...
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