Jonathan Grimm
ASIN: B0089GK56G
Publisher: Mountain Witch Press
Pages: 251

Romanian orphan, sixteen year old Rachel Stephenson, is being stalked by powerful forces. Her only apparent friend is a two foot tall Mountain Witch named Katie, who seems oblivious to Rachel's peril. Rachel flees into the wilderness, but falls under the domination of a powerful sorceress who transports her across space and time to another world. Spanning two universes and containing elements of the paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction, "Run, Witch, Run" is that rare piece in a market saturated with paranormal thrillers - unique and creative.Here you will meet a sorceress who is more Madame Curie than "Wicked Witch of the West", miniature women known as Mountain Witches who mine the diamond-like mineral Moissanite on their home planet, Citadel operatives who attempt to bring order to the magical world while hiding its existence from those on Earth, and a human detective desperate to ...
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