Renata Suerth
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 130

"What's IN your head is more important than what's ON your head."www.thewigbooks.comAn embarrassing underwear incident? A lesson on a runaway bike? Grandma's wig at the fire department? These and lots of other adventures await ten-year-old Sofie, whose life is pretty ordinary until she finds out that in two weeks her family has to move in with her grandma - not her favorite grandma - her other grandma. While Sofie tries to adjust to her new life in Wisconsin, she gets into many sticky situations with her wacky grandma and learns the tough truth about her family. And as if THAT wasn't enough, she's got to impress the cute neighbor!Will she stay out of trouble long enough to figure out the shocking reasons for the sudden move? Maybe. Will she have fun along the way? Definitely!***************************************************************Don't forget to visit the website and check out ...
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