Gary F. Vanucci
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 206

BEGINNINGS BOOK 1Wothlondia Rising: The Anthology introduces each of the characters in the Realm of Ashenclaw ongoing series. The significant events that take place in ‘Wothlondia Rising’ tell the tale of poignant events that set these individuals on the paths that will alter their lives forever! If you enjoy tales that involve, romance, mystery, zombies, demons, the paranormal, and plain old action-packed fantasy, then you will absolutely enjoy this collection of stories, including…A Rose in Bloom recounts the thrilling events of a young Rose Thorne, not yet a woman, who is trying to find her way in the city of Oakhaven. Orphaned and discarded, she finds refuge in a kind madam at a local brothel and eventually meets a man who is more than she bargains for.... Maturation Process is the telling tale of the high elf, Elec Stormwhisper, who lives in the overbearing shadow of his ...
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