Amanda Gatrel
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 424

Elisabeth Rafferty is a beautiful and independent woman with her whole life ahead of her. But, that all changes one night when a mysterious woman appears in her dreams. The dreams, and the people in them, begin to haunt her with cryptic messages and terrifying images. Each night, the sense of urgency that there is a very real message and that she needs to figure it out before it is too late, is more overwhelming. So much so, that they begin to affect her everyday life.Nicholas Vaughn is the powerful and attractive man from her dreams. She begins to feel an otherworldly connection to him that makes her question her sanity, until one day she discovers that he is real! To her suprise, she finds her unnatural and uncontrollable attraction to him exciting and terrifying because if the dreams were correct that he did exist than maybe they were correct about what he was, a vampire!As the ...
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