Hanna Getty
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 192

Authored by Hanna Getty, “Orchid Care: Caring for Orchids Indoors & Out” is an eloquently written presentation and an all-inclusive overview about orchids, their history and distribution around the world, their anatomical structure and biological growth patterns, their care requirements and common their uses, and much more.On the one hand, armed with the valuable information and helpful tips provided within the pages of this skillfully composed and well structured volume, any newbie will soon have enough know-how about orchids and the acquired confidence to then grow them successfully indoors or outside. On the other hand, Ms. Getty has ensured that her book has enough substance and factual data pertaining to the latest research results to capture the interest of even expert orchid growers. In short, “Orchid Care: Caring for Orchids Indoors & Out” is an Amazon Kindle eBook and an ...
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