Patrick Ricchiuti
ASIN: B008B9458K
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Pages: 91

Book Detail: WW2 still raged in late 1944 when I opened my eyes the first time of remembrance. I was nearing 7 years old. A woman lay on the bed with me but, I knew nothing of her nor, an older woman dressed in black who came into the room. And, I knew absolutely nothing of the war no doubt still raging. Only in time would I know the two as my mother and grandmother. And, I experienced only a few instances of the War that were only illusions of war. Once outside the house I would be barefoot and wore summer clothes but, felt no discomfort at all. I NEVER had desire or need for food or drink. I had no physical senses. All via DIVINE POWER? My first conversation was with the "Scooter Boy", He and I conversed very effectively and fluidly but, in a foreign language... ENGLISH that would be my only language. IIlusions were the norm for me even after the war, on the "ship" to America and ...
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