Elizabeth Arnott
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Pages: 62

Detox Maintenance Lifestyle. Inspirational recipes for healthy eating, healthy weight loss, healthy living. Congratulations! You have taken the decision to detox your body, to maintain healthy eating habits, to sustain healthy weight loss, but like me you may have found it difficult to keep motivated when faced with the dietary limitations. However, help is at hand. Book 2: Soups has 20 recipes from the eight book series Detox Maintenance Recipe Collection and was written for you, and for all of us who have adopted a healthy eating life style. Among the delicious recipes are included Apple and Celery Soup, Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup and Classic Spanish Gazpacho. Soup can be a rich and nourishing meal in itself, e.g. Mexican Seafood Soup, or it can also be an elegant start to dinner, e.g. Chilled Beetroot Soup. Eating soup fills you up, and helps you eat less for your main course. Soup ...
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