C.M. Cole
ASIN: B008BUH914
Publisher: LIFE SENTENCE Publishing
Pages: 145

Revival in a Graveyard “This story started when I attended the convocation of the Churches of God in Christ of the First Southern Jurisdiction of Southern California. The main speaker of the night was Bishop J.O. Patterson. At the beginning of his message, he referred us to the dry bones chapter of Ezekiel 37. Then he started an assault against modern “churchianity” that seemed to be consuming us. His argument was that we were going through all the motions of being a church, but lacking the power of prayer, spiritual growth and the individual ministries in life and the experience of Christ, effectively resulting in a valley of dry bones. Before he read his text, he yelled out, ‘A preacher with a message can start a revival in a grave yard!’” Inspired, Rev. C.M. Cole returns to Northeastern Missouri where churches had backslid into a graveyard state. This book covers the ...
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