Tracey Hoffmann
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 404

Sometimes people's worlds collide in the most unexpected places.Ashok and Shanti are street kids living in Mumbai. Life is difficult, but they still find time to share big dreams for a brighter tomorrow and have fun in the midst of it. Hidden danger lurks everywhere, will natural instinct and cunning be enough to keep them safe until destiny aligns with their dreams. Charlotte’s middle class world is a long way from India and she lives life from a different perspective. Educated and well raised by a loving family she has battles of a different kind to contend with. Parents and their wisdom stand between Charlotte and a much longed for overseas trip. How far will she go to have her own way. An emotional roller coaster sweeps through every chapter as love, hope, and courage converge in the most unexpected place to create an unforgettable experience. You will fall in love with these ...
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