Victor Sanchez
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 141

Malaya has escaped into a world of exotic dancing and drugs, trying to hide from her ability to see into the future. With a series of murders amongst her she's forced to deal with her gift before she becomes the next victim.PrologueMalaya I could see my dad sipping his steamy coffee as he drove his usual path to work. The morning was unusually dark and the roads glistened from the rain reflecting off the oncoming traffics. The amusing voice of the early morning radio host discussing home remedies accompanied him on his trip. The dream was peaceful until the sound of a large deer crashing into the windshield interrupted his routine. His coffees rapidly found protection on the passenger seat when the antlers impaled my father’s chest. The overwhelming cry of bones breaking and the car swerving out of control completely overpowered the radio. My father closed his eyes and whispered “I’m so ...
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