Fran Hubbard
ASIN: B008CGX358
Publisher: An Awani Press Publication
Pages: 30

Yosemite is associated with Bears…but did you know that there are more than 30 other types of mammals living in and around Yosemite National Park?Join with us and meet them all!Fran Hubbard’s delightful children’s book “Furry Friends Of Yosemite” introduces each of these animals to the young reader, (and the ones who love to read to them), in your family.Sections include discussions and illustrations of the different designs of animal teeth, which human tools they are most like and how they work. Illustrations comparing animal feet to the human hand are fun and informative.The “furry friends” have been beautifully illustrated in pen and ink by wildlife artist Bill Berry. Catch a glimpse of animals like the mountain lion that a rarely ever seen, as well as those like the mule deer and gray squirrel that are often campsite companions.Sightings of animals never seem to be planned in ...
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