Sujatha Lalgudi
Publisher: Sujatha Lalgudi
Pages: 17

**** FREE dragon book about colors for Children ***** FREE as part of your Prime or Kindle Unlimited membershipThis is a beautifully illustrated Dragon picture book for children (Ages 2 - 4 years).On each page, a colorful dragon in action is waiting to be discovered.Cute dragons and simple text will encourage children to learn colors in a fun way.If your child likes dragons, then this book will help you teach them colors.The highlights of this wonderful concept book for children are: Cheerful full length illustrations Simple sentencesTalking about what each Dragon is doingLearn Colors Beginning readers can practice their reading skills too.Recommended for children (ages 2-6) yearsIf this sounds like something you would like your child to read, scroll up to download your copy.About the Author/Illustrator Sujatha Lalgudi is a Best selling children's book author and illustrator.Some of her ...
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