Craig Saunders
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 337

The epic battle for the fate of Rythe continues...Dark forces rule the world. Even as heroes battle to the death and terrible magic rends the world, there is one last hope - the saviour of this world is the greatest mage of an age. His is an arcane and powerful magic, but he is imprisoned for all time. Shorn, Renir, Tirielle and the Paladins of Sard must free the wizard to save the world, but they need to find him first, searching ancient tomes and scrolls in the greatest library on Rythe.The wizard, lost for millennia, is traitor to his own kin, the last of his kind on the world of Rythe. His name is Caeus.'For fans of Gemmell, Eddings and Erikson: Epic, heroic fantasy.'
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