Brendan Gerad O'Brien
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 191

A beautiful seaside town in Ireland during the wonderful '60s, the days of flower power and hippies and rock n roll. A beautiful summer. A beautiful American back-packer rocks up in the town to visit an old friend of her father. She soon makes friends with an odd group of wanderers and they meet every evening in a pub on the cliff overlooking the wild Atlantic to drink and chill out.But the town is hiding a dark and dangerous secret. Tourism is the lifeblood of the town. They don't want anyone knowing anything that might interfere with that. So Dakota Lacey isn't aware of the sinister eyes watching her every move, creeping around behind her as she pitches her tent on the beach.Then out of the darkness they come, and Dakota is running for her life - the only way she can run is towards the sea, but the sea is too deep, too rough, too isolated.Then he's standing there behind her, his arms ...
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