Maria E. Schneider
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 165

Winner of the Reader's Choice Award - 2015 BigAls Books & PalsLearning new magic isn’t as easy as Zoe expected, especially when the mages at Gorgon University seem dead set against teaching. Add in some necessary late-night investigating, and Zoe is almost certain to be kicked out. No one in their right mind would view going to Wendal as a good alternative, but that's where Zoe ends up after her magic accidentally gains the attention of both a dragon and a wolf shifter. To regain her freedom, all Zoe has to do is unravel one very large curse that has befallen Lindis, the dragon. Who set the curse? Who is trying to control or kill the dragons? And then there's the wolf, Derrick. He's more than happy to protect Zoe from the dragons, but what might his pack demand in return? Dragons of Wendal was inspired by the short story, Snitched, Snatched, which is still available in English and ...
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