Tim Flanagan
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 233

"If The Hunger Games and James Dashner's Maze Runner Series have left you eager for more, The Moon Stealers is the next big Fantasy series…"WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO MANKIND IF AN ALIEN BACTERIA ARRIVED UNEXPECTEDLY ON OUR PLANET?THE MOON STEALERS : PART 1Meteorites land on Earth every day. Most no bigger than grains of sand. But what if one of them contained a bacteria that was alien to our planet?The unusual disappearance of a young boy from a graveyard catapults two of his school friends on an adventure beyond their imagination. By unravelling ancient codes and riddles the children journey within the bowels of Edinburgh Castle as they attempt to find the key to their friends' disappearance. But it's a race against time as the very existence of mankind is held in the balance.REVIEWS"It was really well written and had such rich detail that made the book shine and come to life …. an ...
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4 stars from 164 ratings
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5 stars from 2 ratings