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THE PROVEN DIET PLAN THAT ADDRESSES PROTEIN, CARBS, FATS, AND EXERCISE FOR OPTIMUM HEALTH & FITNESS … READ ONBy INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING & AMAZON #1 BEST SELLING AUTHORCHRISTOPHER DAVID ALLENThis diet plan is for the 86% of the USA population that is OverweightThere are essential fatty acids (fat) and essential amino acids (protein).Few people are aware that there are NO essential carbs (starches & sugars) because your body can make all the glucose (carbs) it needs from protein.Your body burns as much as 33 calories per 100 calories of protein consumed. This is far more calories burned than used to burn fats and carbs or store them as fat in all the wrong places.Protein takes longer to leave your stomach due to increased digestion time over other foods. You feel full sooner and for a much longer time. These are obvious benefits with this success formula for weight loss.Quality ...
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