Susan Barnett Braun
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 154

Think history is boring? Then you’ve never met King Ludwig II, who inspired Walt Disney with his magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle in the clouds. He ruled Bavaria for twenty-two years, inspiring its people by his support for the arts. Yet he was known by many as Mad King Ludwig. He rarely appeared in the capital or attended any government functions. He slept most of the day and stayed awake all night. He dined with his horse and waved pistols at servants. He created a fantasy world inside his castles, complete with caves and trap-door tables. To this day, no one is sure exactly what caused his untimely death in a lake.Who was this man: fairy tale king? Insane eccentric? Mad King Ludwig's life followed many twists and turns on its way to Not So Happily Ever After....easily the best book written on King Ludwig II in this decade ... reviewer Robert BuccellatoThis King Ludwig II biography ...
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