DL Kilcrease
Publisher: Sail Creek LLC
Pages: 292

The boundaries of time and reality can stretch in surprising ways. And, even your closest friends are not always what they appear to be.Atrocity, deception, bravery, commitment... all combine in the small southern town of Glendylan, awaiting Thomas MacLachlan. His colleague has been murdered, and he's come to find out why. As he investigates the crime, Thomas discovers an abiding darkness of intimidation, violence, and continuing vestiges of slave days thought long gone. But these entwine with a century-old mystery, shaping the cryptic mentality of the only people who can lead him to the answers he needs. Help comes to Thomas from the past and present alike, as the town's most hidden secret comes to light, and a long-awaited judgment is brought to its people.
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4 stars from 3 ratings
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