John Morrison
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 139

Pastor NICK YOUNG wants nothing more than God's favor. He believes that He earns this by praying and fasting religiously. This all changes when he interprets a dream which he thinks is prophetic."Am I the shepherd?"Nick's beautiful wife, GRACE, is bored of being a pastor's wife. To combat her boredom she decides to take golf lessons from CURTIS, a deacon and leader in the church. Their relationship quickly shifts from teacher/student to potential lovers. Because of this, Curtis begins plotting to usurp Nick's pastorship. "I've set some things in motion..."HANNAH, Nick's teenage daughter, is infatuated with her boyfriend. When she finds out she's pregnant she fears what her father may do to them. "I can't do this. I gotta take care of it..."Nick is asked to counsel a pedophile fresh out of prison. When one of their sessions goes south he realizes something disturbing about his ...
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