Alan Reeder-Camponi
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 105

I won’t lie to you. I’ve written four e books about Thailand and this book sells the fewest copies. My belief is that the relatively poor sales of this book are not related to the quality, or the value, of this book. It’s just human nature … when considering a possible change in one’s life, it’s more fun to focus on the positives. Recently there have been worldwide headlines about a young British couple who were brutally murdered on a beach in Thailand. I imagine that if they had read this book they might have been better prepared for their time in Thailand. They were tourists. But Thailand is Thailand, whether you are a tourist or a resident.Thailand has changed since I originally wrote this book in 2012. It has a new government. I see fewer westerners on the streets when I walk around Bangkok. Westerners seem to be voting with their feet regarding whether or not these ...
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