James A. Hillebrecht
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 382

THE FIRST BOOK IN THE PALADIN TRILOGY“Power be the lure that draws men forth, and power be the snare that takes them.” Thus runs an ancient proverb of Alencia, and its truth is demonstrated when Alacon Regnar, Tyrant of the Northlands, is enticed to accept a demonic scepter known as the Ohric with whispered promises of conquest and domination. The Ohric fulfills these promises beyond even Regnar’s wildest dreams, summoning forth the Juggernaut, a gigantic darkness in human shape that smashes its way through everything in its path and leads the Northing horde towards Jalan’s Drift, the greatest and richest fortress-city in all the world.Against this horror stands a single man, Darius Inglorion, a holy warrior known as a Paladin, who is summoned to rally the states of the Southlands which are frozen by fear and treachery. But societies have their own defenders who strike out ...
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