James F. Ross
Publisher: Every Moment Publishing
Pages: 35

“How is it that I’m aware of the world, but unaware to the world?” Typically, a life well-lived is abundant with rewards. While enjoying a carefree childhood, an enriching academic career, and crafting memories with his precious Marie, Martin Connor never took anything for granted. Grasping every moment, he shared his reflections on film, canvas, and through his memoirs. Years later, Marie has passed on; Connor is disconcerted to find himself alone, and his life meticulously packed away in stacks of cardboard boxes. Diagnosed with a terminal condition, each ocean sunset observed is a reminder of his physical and mental frailty, as well as a rapidly deteriorating quality of life. Irritated by an unmindful social worker, and degraded by a draconian assisted living administrator, Connor grows weary of a world that has forgotten him. Guided by a philosophy often shared with his ...
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